Tyre Fitting

The importance of the correct fitting of a tyre

Not only is it important to fit the correct size tyre to your car, the speed and load rating of the tyre are of great importance too, and are specified by the car manufacturer specifically for your car. Improper tyres can be detrimental to the performance of your car.

Not only is it important to fit the correct tyres to your car, they must also be fitted in the correct manner. An incorrectly fitted tyre can be as dangerous as driving with incorrect tyres. Tyres nowadays have many different guises such as runflat, asymmetric (inside/outside), directional, and reinforced. Extra load etc. If a tyre is fitted incorrectly, it can lead to bead damage and tyre failure. All our machines are serviced regularly to keep them in optimum condition, and all are fitted with up to date accessories to enable ease of fitment.

As a rule at Dessie’s Tyres, we replace the tubeless valve every time we remove a tyre from a rim, and clean the inside of the wheel with a wire brush, to ensure correct seal occurs between rim and the bead of the tyre. All tyres that Dessie’s Tyres supply and fit comply with all current EU legislation, including the new tyre labelling system, and Eu regulations regarding E Markings on tyres. All our staff are competently trained to the highest standard in all aspects of our work.
All tyres disposed by Dessies Tyres are disposed of environmentally in line with Eu and Irish Government legislation.